Policy & Law Reform

RAPCAN advocates for policies and laws that promote children’s rights to protection and participation. Policy and legislative advocacy is conducted by means of submissions to government departments, parliament and the courts.

Evidence of RAPCAN’s impact can be found in many provisions within South African legislation – increased access to protective measures for children in court; and an obligation on provinces to provide prevention programmes including strengthening support to parents.

At a policy level, research and advocacy has resulted in a strategic shift of government towards specialised policing services and co-ordinated action to prevent children’s involvement in gangs and violence. We also promote a child rights focus in any policy or legislation that affects the lives of children.

RAPCAN seeks to shift policy and budgetary expenditure away from just a reaction approach, towards broad scale programmes that promote protection and resilience in society.

RAPCAN makes submissions to government and parliament to improve policies and laws for children.

RAPCAN submissions

Submissions to government or parliament are intended to improve children’s experiences of their rights in their daily realities.

Joint submissions

RAPCAN forms part of several networks to highlight important issues to practitioners, government and parliament relating to children rights.