RAPCAN (Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is a registered Non-profit Company, Non-profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa.


RAPCAN is governed by a Board of Directors and Members who are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical and moral business behaviour. The board is responsible for the sign-off of organisational policy and have overall oversight responsibility for all fiduciary and strategic decisions which are made through a consensus approach. The Chairperson and Treasurer are the primary sounding board for operational decisions made by the Executive Director who reports regularly to the Board.

A staff representative attends board meetings as an observer of the meeting and to seek and communicate staff mandates to the Board.

Key skills and expertise on board are Professors in: Psychology (2), Human Rights Law (2), Social Work (1), and Public Health (1), a Chartered Accountant and retired businessman. The board is relatively balanced as its members provide a good variety of content and business administration skills.

RAPCAN promotes a culture of good governance and leadership and to this end works according to a comprehensive policy and procedure suite covering Governance, Human Resources (aligned to SA labour legislation), Operations as well as a comprehensive Finance and Administration policy document detailing guiding principles, delegation of authority, accountability and independent checks, separation of duties, policy and procedure relating to income, expenditure, procurement, accounting routines and  financial reporting as well as investment and sustainability.

Annual audits are conducted by the external auditor MGI Bass Gordon, a South African registered auditor, providing assurance that the financial controls are sufficiently robust. The Board Treasurer, who is a Chartered Accountant signs off the audits. The Board Chairperson and Executive Director also have the responsibility for reviewing audits.