RAPCAN (Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is a registered Non-profit Company, Non-profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa.


RAPCAN is widely recognised for its contribution towards creating a safe society where children are acknowledged as rights-holders, and the rights of all are respected. We strive for a society where adults take responsibility for the safety of children, where children participate in the realisation of their rights and are able to achieve their full potential.


RAPCAN is committed to ensuring that the protection (nurturance) and participation (autonomy) rights of children are realised. We work within an advocacy framework towards the realisation of a prevention-oriented child protection system, gender equality and children’s participation in all decisions affecting their lives.  Our work is strengthened by strategic partnerships and child participation. We respect diversity, dignity and the equality of all people, and provide resources to support the testing of professional, high quality, evidence-informed programmes.